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PhragmitesThe invasive common reed (Phragmites australis) is presently spreading in marshes and along roads of Canada . The common reed is a grass that usually forms dense populations in marshes and drainage ditches with a water level appropriate for its establishment and growth. The high biomass production of the plant represents a potential threat for the preservation of ecological functions of marshes, and for the survival of a diverse flora and fauna. The PHRAGMITES Research Group (founded in 2003) studies the dispersal modes of the common reed, and develops fundamental and applied research projects to respond to several questions associated with this invasive species. For instance, what is the relative contribution of vegetative and sexual reproduction for the spread of the invasive genotype of the common reed in marshes? What is the real impact of the common reed on the biodiversity of freshwater marshes? Is this impact important enough to justify restoration measures of wetlands? The PHRAGMITES group does not only work on fundamental issues associated with the common reed; it also develops, with the collaboration of several partners, control methods to prevent the spread of the plant along roads or in marshes.

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